5 Tips to Going Green on Earth Day

April 15th, 2016 by


Happy Earth Day everyone!  As humans of this planet, we’ve been given a huge responsibility to give planet Earth the best possible care.  Going green doesn’t necessarily mean becoming a world travelling tree hugger – unless you’d like an awesome adventure then by all means!   This lifestyle can be as basic as your everyday duties with minor changes and huge results.  For example, here at Mercedes-Benz of Temecula, we make our everyday green contributions by recycling paper, choosing to use recycled plastic bottle waters and more.  Making impactful contributions has never been more simple and in this week’s blog post, we’ve put together basic tips on how you can go green this Earth Day and beyond.  Check out our list below!

  1. Household Cleaners: Swapping household cleaning products out for plant based products reduces air pollution both indoors and out, and also minimizes exposure to both asthma and allergy triggers detrimental to your health.
  2. Donate the Unwanted: Next time you’ve cleaned your kitchen, closet, car or entire house, remember to opt for donating instead of trashing. It is estimated that about 27 pounds of carbon emissions are reduced for every clothing item donated based on the fact that you prevented another item from heading into the landfill.
  3. Support Green Businesses: This is huge and simple! If a green business is in your neighborhood, stop in to shop their eco-friendly products over the next leading megastore.  Shopping holistic products doesn’t have to be part of your everyday routine, but doing it at least once a week definitely contributes to supporting local and global businesses doing good for our planet.
  4. Avoid Water Evaporation: If you have a pool, put a cover over it to not only keep the water cleaner but to also avoid evaporation. Refilling water comes at a much larger cost, especially here in California where our current mission is to save as much water as possible.
  5. Recycle Paper: This is also a no brainer, but recycling and donating paper comes with several different reusing options. Cutting back on paper can be as simple as subscribing to online newspapers, magazines or books instead of the traditional print options or even filing documents online instead of printing pages at a time.  Should you enjoy printed versions of newspapers or other documents, consider donating your scratch paper to local organizations like animal shelters.


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