Employee Spotlight: Father’s Day Edition

June 13th, 2014 by
employee spotlightJackie, First Impressions and Rod, Service Advisor for Mercedes-Benz of Temecula 

What is your first memory of your dad? 

Jackie: Oh gosh, one memory I always look back on was a Christmas where my sister and I were sent on a scavenger hunt by my dad and we were surprised with a dirt bike and a quad. We rode them in the lot to our house! So much fun! 
What was your favorite thing to do together? 
Jackie: We love sitting in the garage, listening to old music like Queen and The Monkees! He has definitely given me a great taste in music! 
Rod: Going camping! We also loved hanging in my garage and playing music. 
Was there anything that only you two shared? A look? A code word? A place? An activity? 
J: Our favorite activity is probably picking on my mom… we were always messing with her. (she knows we were joking) 🙂
R: Both tall and blue eyes. We also both enjoy music. 
Is there a song that best describes your relationship? 
R: She will laugh, but I like the Monkees and will sing along to “I’m a believer.” Can’t go wrong there. 
Was there a lesson that father actually knew best about? A lesson he didn’t? 
J: Father always knows best. He only wants what’s best for me and he is always watching out for me. 
What do you have in common? 
J: Definitely our humor and wittiness… and good looks 🙂 We also both talk loudly!
R: We both talk very fast! 
What has been the best Father’s Day present so far? 
J: Me being his wonderful little girl of course
R: Well, I have had 18 wonderful Father’s Days. Everyday is Father’s Day to me. My girls and wife are the best presents ever. 
What are some pros and cons of working together? 
J: No cons just pros. It’s great being able to see him more often, even if we are working. I like giving him a quick call to say hi! 
R: Never any cons. All pros. I love seeing her everyday and am so very proud of her. 


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