Ways To Care For & Maintain The Tires On Your Mercedes-Benz

5 Ways To Care For & Maintain The Tires On Your Mercedes-Benz

We never tire of talking about tires. That’s just how important they are. To get the best performance, comfort, safety and efficiency from your Mercedes-Benz, you need the right tires. Furthermore, you need the right information to help keep them in good shape so they last long and perform the way you expect. And when it’s time to get a new set of tires, you need to get the right tires for your particular vehicle and your unique driving needs. We’ll help you with this and more in our service center! Find out below how to properly care for your tires. Follow these tips and your tires will last longer and perform better over the long haul.

Low-Profile Tire
Uneven Tire Wear

5. Start With The Right Tires

Genuine Mercedes Original tires are manufactured by trusted partners to exacting specifications — for the very best possible performance. Some Mercedes Original (MO) tires are built for everyday driving on a variety of pavements and conditions. Others are summer performance tires meant to extract the very best from your sport-tuned AMG® Mercedes-Benz model. You can even get run-flat tires for peace of mind and quieter tires for a more pleasant cruise.

So, if you’re trying to take your Mercedes-Benz to the track or carving canyon roads, stop by to have some MO1 performance tire swapped on. Driving in busy urban areas with more potholes and debris? The MOE run-flat tires offer up to 50 miles of emergency range so you can get safely home even after a mishap. Or, for the most enjoyable road trip, MOS tires are designed to minimize road noise. Make sure you’ve got the best tires for the kind of driving you plan to do. After all, a Mercedes-Benz deserves nothing less.

4. Don’t Let The Pressure Get To You

Keeping your tires inflated to the correct pressure is critical for two reasons. One reason is longevity. Underinflated or overinflated tires will wear out much faster. That’s because the proper pressure ensures maximum tread contact with the road and maximum support for the tire’s sidewalls. If you want your tires to last as long as possible, check the tire pressure regularly and adjust as necessary.

But the more exciting reason to check your tire pressure is performance! Underinflated or overinflated tires have a smaller “contact patch” — that is, the area of the tire making actual contact with the road. The more your tires make contact with the road, the more grip you have. That means better roadholding for more agile cornering.

To find the correct tire pressure for your vehicle, look for a label in the driver’s door jamb, a specification in your owner’s manual, or simply speak to a certified Mercedes-Benz technician.

Wheel Alignment Service

3. Rotate Regularly

Each wheel on your car is subjected to different forces. Oftentimes the front tires will wear more rapidly than the rear tires. That’s because the engine under the hood shifts the weight distribution of the car more toward the front axle than the rear axle. Furthermore, the front tires are responsible for steering, subjecting them to greater lateral forces. Were you to never rotate your tires at all, you might have to replace your front tires twice as often.

Instead, extend the life of your tires with regular rotations. Rotating your tires — that is, having each tire’s position switched every 6 months or so — spreads the wear evenly across all four tires. This ensures you get as long a life from your tires as possible, so you don’t have to pay for a new set too soon.

2. Stay Aligned

Bumps, cracks, potholes and other road imperfections will eventually take a toll not just on your vehicle’s tires but the steering and suspension alignment as well. When your car rolled off the assembly line, it was perfectly aligned. However, over time, the forces of the road will cause minor changes to the alignment. This can cause your vehicle to “pull” in one direction.

In minor cases, you might not notice much of a difference from behind the wheel — but a slightly misaligned vehicle will cause accelerated tire wear. If you notice your tires are wearing more rapidly on one side, this is often caused by alignment or suspension problems. That’s why it’s smart to get an alignment check as part of every maintenance visit. We can catch small alignment imperfections before they develop into more severe problems.

1. Get A Complimentary Inspection At Mercedes-Benz Of Temecula

You can even measure the remaining tread of your tires yourself — no special tools required! Just grab a quarter. If you insert the quarter into one of your tire treads with Washington’s head pointing downward, the treads should be deep enough to obscure his head. If you can see part of his head, that means your tires are worn and it may be time for a new set.

But since it can be hard for the untrained eye to spot uneven tire wear, alignment issues and other signs of problems, you might find it more convenient to simply get an inspection of your vehicle. The next time you need an oil change or other service, simply visit Mercedes-Benz of Temecula and have us perform a complimentary multi-point inspection. We’ll take a close look at your whole vehicle, including the tires, to spot problems and keep your Mercedes-Benz performing at its best.

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