Sprinter Transmission Repair in Temecula


Mercedes-Benz has designed complex transmission systems that comply with environmental regulations, while producing the power, performance, and smooth shifting you’d expect. Due to their precision and advanced technology, Sprinter Vans’ and Metris Vans’ transmission systems demand the expert attention of Mercedes-Benz Certified Technicians, like those at Mercedes-Benz of Temecula. If your Mercedes-Benz Van develops transmission problems, our Sprinter Authorized Service Center is available to assist you!

How Do I Know There’s a Transmission Problem?

If there’s a problem with your transmission, you may be stuck in one gear and your transmission may not allow you to shift back into gear. When your transmission suddenly downshifts into second or third gear and refuses to shift out, this is known as “Limp Mode.” It allows you to use one gear to drive home at 30 to 45 mph as a fail-safe.

When this happens, don’t panic; the problem may not be major! Pull over, turn off the car, and remove the key. Wait for 20 seconds, and don’t press the gas pedal or any buttons. Start the car and drive it to see if the transmission is acting normally again. You may be able to drive home, or to your Mercedes-Benz repair facility. Even if the transmission shows no further problems, you’ll need to get it checked out as soon as possible.

Common Transmission Issues

Mercedes-Benz creates some of the finest vehicles in the world, but, at some point, even the best of the best need a pick-me-up. If you’re experiencing a problem with your Sprinter or Metris Van’s transmission, here are some likely causes:

  • Low Transmission Fluid: If your transmission slips or jerks, you may have lower transmission fluid levels than necessary. This could indicate a leak in your transmission, which is normally a simple fix.
  • Damaged Transmission Part: If a part in your Mercedes-Benz is defective, such as the valve body, conductor plate, or shifter module, it can be replaced for no charge if you’re still covered under your warranty.
  • Defective Brake Light Switch: This problem can affect the entire electrical system of your vehicle, and requires quick, experienced service to prevent additional problems.

Get Service Today

If your Mercedes-Benz Van’s transmission isn’t performing at its best, Mercedes-Benz of Temecula can help! When it comes to maintaining our customers’ commercial vehicles, our Mercedes-Benz Certified Technicians go above and beyond. To schedule Sprinter transmission repair, call us today at (951) 435-8629, or visit our dealership at 40910 Temecula Center Drive in Temecula, CA – just a quick drive from Murrieta and Menifee.