Stay Fit and Stay Local

May 13th, 2016 by

It’s time to get your body in shape for the summer. This means you need to work out! But not just today, you need to start implementing healthy habits into your everyday life. Here is a list of some places in the area to check out to start your journey.

fitness car– Food. It’s everyone’s favorite and it’s hard to find a fun place to eat with the healthy tasty options that everyone is looking for. Public House is an American pub house with great beer to keep your friends happy and delicious healthy options for the person counting calories. Gourmet salads, Kobe beef burgers, and a farm to table ever-changing menu that only serves the freshest of ingredients. This is a restaurant everyone can enjoy; Entertainment on the weekends and food fare to please a variety of diets. Stop in and give them a try!
Public House, 41971 Main St, Temecula 951-676-7305

– Sweat Cardio offers great deals on their class packages. Take any fitness class of your fancy. To choose from you have Zumba, Barre, Spin, Pilates, and basically any type of yoga class that you are looking for. Our personal favorite is candle light yoga. End your day relaxed and feeling good.
Sweat Cardio, 32839 Temecula Pkwy #1, Temecula 951-302-0088

– If you aren’t so into taking classes and would rather have the traditional gym experience check out EOS Gym. They offer child care for when you are working out, as well as group classes, personal training, and weight training. This gym is always clean, the people are friendly, and the facility itself has everything you need! EOS Fitness, 31795 Rancho California Rd, Temecula 951-308-1634
Activity is not the only way to maintain a healthy lifestyle, we want to make sure you are considering all of your options when it comes to overall health.
– Pack your lunch. This will help you in many ways. It will help your bank account and you will know exactly what you are eating. Restaurants tend to add more butter and oil than you would if you were preparing something at home. Make sure that when you are picking what to pack in your lunch you aren’t just packing items like Oreo cookies and colas. Plan out your lunch with calendars or meal prep to be sure to add all of the food groups. Not the best cook? Check out this website No Plan Meal Plan
– Pack yourself healthy snacks. Opt for snacks like celery and peanut butter/almond butter or trail mix over cookies and chips. These healthier options will give you the energy that you need and hold you over until lunch time so you don’t risk over eating.
– Limit your caffeine intake. Coffee actually has its health benefits, but like most things, this is only in moderation. Be aware of how many cups of coffee you drink in a day and don’t overlook other things that contain caffeine, like soda, chocolate, and some teas.
– Carry a water bottle with you and stay away from the vending machines. As everyone knows, drinking water has many health benefits, you need to drink it and you need to drink more of it. If you feel thirsty or cravings start, it is probably your body telling you need more water. Bonus: drinking out of a water bottle gives you an excuse to get up out of your chair regularly to fill it back up. Your water bottle can also double as an arm weight which you can use to exercise at your desk with while you aren’t typing.
– Remember to wash your hands often. Any public place puts you at risk for catching unwanted cooties. An enclosed space, like an office, can amplify your chance of catching something. Keep a hand sanitizer bottle at your desk for added prevention and wash your hands after using the bathroom in addition to before and after meals.
– Exercise your eyes. A lot of professions require you to be in front of a computer screen most of your shift. This means you are staring at something at one distance for extended periods of time which can cause your eyesight to deteriorate over time. To help prevent this from happening, focus your eyes on something far from your computer screen and practice this often. Stare out the window on occasion or at the other side of the room.
– Get vitamin D. Most professions require us to be inside for most of the day and after work most people typically drive home, make dinner, and relax indoors. We are asking you to make a conscience effort to get some sun because fluorescent lighting is not the same. This means sitting outdoors on your lunch break, relaxing in your yard after work, or playing with the kids outside. If you can, walk or bike to work. There are also vitamin D supplements that you can take if you live somewhere where natural sunlight is limited, but remember, even on cloudy days your bare skin will intake the UV rays. As with most things, everything in moderation, and use SPF.
Start with just a few of these tips and slowly add more of them into your life. This way you won’t burnout right away and you can stick to an easy to remember list. Now you are ready to start your healthy habits and get in shape before you hit the pool this summer!