The Sprinter: Outclassing Every Class

November 2nd, 2019 by

Remember when everyone considered vans to be for deliveries and soccer moms? Well, those days are over. With the Sprinter by Mercedes-Benz, luxury has taken on a completely new definition.

No matter whether you take advantage of new Mercedes Sprinter specials in Ontario, California or you opt for a certified pre-owned Mercedes in Escondido, CA, you simply have to see everything you can do with this beauty. It may originally be designed as a boxy cargo van for deliveries on narrow European streets, but it can be SO much more now.



Think you know luxury? Think again.


As you’ll soon see, the Sprinter is the Gulfstream private jet of ground transportation.


Finally: Luxury How YOU Want It


You can think of your Sprinter as a blank canvas that is just waiting for you to turn into a masterpiece. A new Mercedes Sprinter Dealer in Newport Beach will provide you with a Sprinter in the color of your choice that comes empty, giving you the ability to customize it to perfectly match your style and needs.


When it comes to other luxury big rigs available today like the Cadillac Escalade, you and your guests pretty much have to crawl to get into the back seats, which isn’t exactly dignified. A Sprinter is so spacious, anyone can simply walk in and take a seat.


Taking advantage of new Mercedes Sprinter specials in Ontario, CA means that you’ll have even more in the budget to customize your opulent new ride. Take a look at a couple of recent Sprinter customizations.


Imagine what a visit to the Sprinter dealer in Ontario, CA means for you. A style that is all your own. Luxury unlike any of your peers. A first-class experience to be overtly proud of. And of course, the inside isn’t the only piece of this canvas on wheels, you can customize the outside to give the world a little peek at the mind behind the masterpiece. This is just a small sample of the options you have available for the outside customization of your new Mercedes Sprinter, the one vehicle that you can design pretty much from bumper to bumper. Especially when you add in off-road packages and/or 1-day wraps, as you’ll soon see.


Brandish Your Style With Luxury


Whether you buy a certified pre-owned Mercedes in Escondido, Ca or you get yours from a Sprinter dealer in Ontario, Ca, Off Road Warehouse (ORW) and 1 Day Wraps (1DW) can make your new Mercedes look just as sharp on the outside as it does on the inside.


ORW has shops in Escondido, San Diego, El Cajon, and Murrieta, California, and of course has an online store as well. They’ve been involved in off-road racing, events, and customization for more than 30 years and they employ a lot of vans, trucks, jeep, and off-road enthusiasts.


In other words, they know what they’re doing.


Garth Blumenthal, Dealer Principal, and Owner of Mercedes-Benz of Temecula have been quoted as saying, “We really do have something for everyone in our model lineup.” While he was referring to the large lineup of new and certified pre-owned Mercedes-Benz vehicles, the Sprinter’s versatility offers something for everyone itself.


From a one of a kind family van to a first-class, luxury jet around town experience, the Sprinter can be customized for virtually the entire spectrum. One area that the Sprinter has always been popular in of course is where it was first intended to be used, commercial deliveries.


Business owners all over southern California have been surprised to learn how affordable a new Sprinter is. Not only that, with 1 Day Wraps, you can have your commercial vehicle wrapped with graphics that pop and advertise your business in style.


They’re a family-owned and operated full service, professional graphic design, printing, and marketing company. These highly skilled graphic artists have been in business over 15 years and they’re dedicated to creating, printing, and marketing high impact graphics.


Take a look at some of their work and imagine how your new Mercedes Sprinter can be a vital part of your marketing as well as your business infrastructure.


As you can see, with 1DW ; Off Road Warehouse and your new Mercedes Sprinter, the sky is the limit for your marketing campaign. However, when you combine 1DW with Off Road Warehouse, you can create a unique experience that shouts to the world what you’re all about, or you can go with something a little more subtle.



Getting it Done

It doesn’t matter what your plans are for your new Sprinter. At Mercedes-Benz Temecula, the sales team will ensure that you get exactly what you need. As Garth Blumenthal said, they’re “in the people business first” and the industry itself is second.


He went on to say, “It’s my belief that people may not remember everything you tell them when they interact with us. But one thing for sure is they remember how you make them feel. That is the most important thing we can do is make them feel good about their visit. And even if they’re not buying a car today, we want them to go away with a positive feeling from the experience, from the interaction, from being here.”


Under Blumenthal’s management, Mercedes-Benz Temecula has been focusing mainly on the customer experience. You can take your new Sprinter from empty canvas to masterpiece like never before and with Blumenthal’s team working with you, it’ll be the best experience possible.


Call the sales department today at (951) 225-1145 or stop in at the Temecula dealership to find the perfect Sprinter for you. You can also see the available Sprinters on the website but of course, if they don’t have what you need, they’ll definitely find it for you.


Whether it’s luxury or strictly business, the Sprinter is the vehicle that more and more people are opting for. When it comes to purchasing a Sprinter or other luxury vehicle in southern California, smart shoppers start at Mercedes-Benz Temecula.


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