Visit Mercedes-Benz of Temecula for a Skilled Metris or Sprinter Oil Change

Sprinter Oil Change

Whether your business runs on the diesel-powered Sprinter or the gasoline-powered Metris, routine synthetic motor oil replacement is a must. From towing heavy loads, to outmatching slippery conditions, your Mercedes-Benz Van’s renowned performance depends on routine repairs and maintenance, such as an oil change.* With the addition of our new Sprinter Authorized Service Center, Mercedes-Benz of Temecula offers all the services you need and more to keep your commercial vehicle in great shape!

Lengthen the Life of Your Engine

Your van’s engine works hard to help you stay ahead of the curve. One of its most important components – motor = oil – prevents friction by lubricating the parts that directly touch one another. Oil also helps regulate the heat given off by the internal combustion chamber, and keeps the engine from becoming dangerously hot. What’s more, motor oil also acts as an engine cleaner by sweeping up debris and depositing it into the oil filter. This is why keeping your engine’s oil clean is so important.

When You Should Get an Oil Change

How often your Sprinter or Metris needs fresh oil depends largely on your driving habits. If you own a contracting business, for example, chances are you’ll need more frequent oil top-ups due to regular towing/hauling. You can check your engine’s oil level using a regular dipstick or the control system via the multi-functional steering wheel/display. For additional guidance, be sure to read your owner’s manual and consult your trusted authorized Mercedes-Benz dealer!

Check Out Our Sprinter Authorized Service Center!

If your engine’s oil level is low, or you’re due for your service interval, you needn’t look any further than our Sprinter Authorized Service Center for expert attention. Our Master Certified Technicians are standing by six days a week to ensure your Mercedes-Benz Commercial Van continues to function at the top of its game. We proudly serve Riverside County businesses using the latest and greatest repair equipment, as well as OEM parts and fluids!

We’re Standing by to Assist You!

Make the service center at Mercedes-Benz of Temecula your first and last stop for a Metris or Sprinter oil change in Temecula, CA! If you have questions about our commercial van service, don’t hesitate to contact us at (951) 435-8629! If you’re due for maintenance, schedule an appointment easily online. Our service hours are 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday, and 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday.

*Oil and filter change is the base advertised service component. Additional services as determined by your vehicle’s ASSYST Plus system, which calculates service needs based on your driving habits, time, mileage and environmental conditions, may increase service cost.