Order OEM Mercedes Parts in Temecula, CA

At some point in your Mercedes-Benz vehicle ownership, you'll need to have parts replaced. Vehicle parts may eventually wear out, or if your vehicle has been involved in a collision or an accident, you'll need new parts to bring your Mercedes-Benz back to top-notch running condition.

When the time comes to have Mercedes parts replaced, you want to know that the parts fit your particular model to perfection, just as the manufacturer intended. Bringing your vehicle for parts and repairs to Mercedes-Benz of Temecula, California, ensures that your vehicle will get original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts designed specifically for your unique model for optimum performance, safety, and reliability expected from a top luxury auto brand like Mercedes-Benz.

What Are OEM Parts?

OEM auto parts are designed and produced by the manufacturer to fit and work seamlessly with other Mercedes-Benz parts for optimal performance. When your vehicle comes off the assembly line, it has parts designed and made specifically by Mercedes-Benz to fit and work flawlessly in your vehicle. If your vehicle needs a new part, our dealership will replace it exclusively with OEM parts to ensure the highest standards of performance for your vehicle. If you decide to bring your vehicle to an independent repair shop, you are not guaranteed that the mechanic will use high-quality OEM parts.

Aftermarket parts are often made to fit a wide range of vehicles and don't have the precise measurements and strict standards that come with OEM parts that have gone through rigorous testing and quality control. To help keep your vehicle running impeccably, choose to have repairs and replacement parts done at our dealership where your vehicle will get service from our factory-trained service technicians who use genuine OEM parts.

How Do OEM Parts Compare to Aftermarket Parts?

An aftermarket part is not sourced from the auto manufacturer but is made by independent parts companies. Because these parts makers did not make the parts to originally fit into a specific make and model, they do not qualify as an original equipment manufacturer part (OEM).

There are several reasons why someone may want or need an aftermarket part over an OEM one. Aftermarket parts are generally less expensive than OEM parts, and for those on a budget, the cost of the part may be a factor in the replacement of it. In addition, because aftermarket parts are mass-produced to fit a range of vehicles, they are often readily available for instant replacement, getting drivers back on the road faster instead of having to wait for parts to arrive.

However, aftermarket parts may not fit precisely for each specific model which can lead to further issues later on. If the part doesn't have a precise fit, it can cause further damage to other parts or compromise the safety and reliability of the vehicle.

Benefits of OEM Parts

At Mercedes-Benz of Temecula, we understand the importance of protecting your investment and only use OEM parts for repairs and replacement. While these parts may cost more than aftermarket parts, in the end, you're ensured that your vehicle will get the exact fitting part for optional performance, safety, and reliability.

One of the main reasons to use OEM parts for your Mercedes-Benz is the warranty coverage that comes with these parts. Each part comes with a warranty that covers defects or poor workmanship. If something goes wrong with the part, our dealership will cover the cost of repairs and replacement at no cost to you. Most aftermarket parts do not come with a warranty, and if the part has a defect or breaks due to being improperly installed, you'll have to pay for the extra work out of your pocket.

Protect Your Investment and Family With Genuine Mercedes-Benz Parts

When you're ready to resell or trade-in your older vehicle for a newer model, your resale or trade-in value increases if your vehicle has OEM parts. Using genuine parts not only helps protect your investment, but the parts add resale value and help give you peace of mind that your vehicle has the proper parts for safety and reliability.

For example, you want to know that when you step on the brakes, the OEM parts will work seamlessly for optimum stopping power. All Mercedes-Benz parts work together for a safe and reliable driving experience, and by using OEM parts, you're ensured your ride will perform as the designers and manufacturers intended.

Visit the Mercedes-Benz of Temecula Parts Department

The experienced staff in our parts department have detailed knowledge of every OEM part needed for any Mercedes-Benz make or model. Whether it's a simple part for an oil change or a major part for drivetrain or powertrain repairs, we will find the exact OEM part.

While we carry most parts in stock, if we don't have the part in stock, we will order the right part. We will never compromise our high standards by putting in aftermarket parts for lower costs, as we pride ourselves on our commitment to high-quality work and repairs for all our customers.

Experience the Difference With Mercedes-Benz of Temecula

At Mercedes-Benz of Temecula, California, we provide exceptional customer service to everyone who visits our dealership, whether to purchase a new Mercedes-Benz, have their vehicle serviced, or acquire OEM parts for replacement or repairs. To learn more about our OEM parts and the benefits of using them over aftermarket parts, contact our helpful staff in our parts department. We also invite you to stop by our Temecula dealership to take a new Mercedes-Benz for a test drive, or to have your current one serviced. Our team at Mercedes-Benz of Temecula looks forward to helping you with all your Mercedes-Benz needs.


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