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With the newer Mercedes-Benz models, you can expect modern and essential features as the standard for each luxury car and sports utility vehicle. Newer models often come with turbocharged engines for maximum performance, excellent fuel economy, and safety assists like lane departure warnings and active brake assist. Serving the San Diego County area, our professionals are waiting to help you find the right Mercedes-Benz for you, whether you’re looking for a sedan for your daily commute around Temecula or an SUV to take on a cross-country road trip.

The S-Class of Mercedes-Benz continues to be one of the most popular classes of full-size luxury sedans. Though sometimes higher in price than some of the other models, the sleek exterior and cutting-edge interior provide a luxury experience to both the driver and passengers while also keeping them safe with its active and passive safety measures.

You can choose from several models in this class, including the baseline S 500 4MATIC® Sedan or the more advanced S 580 4MATIC® Sedan. The sedan uses its 9G-TRONIC nine-speed drivetrain and six-cylinder engine with mild hybrid drive capabilities to maximize power and fuel economy.

Mercedes C-Class Dealer

For a sportier look, you might consider the two-door C-Class Coupe. Like the S-Class, this comes in two models: the C 300 Coupe and the C 300 4MATIC® Coupe. With a four-wheel multi-link suspension, this car provides excellent handling for both city and highway driving. You can explore several driving modes, like the ECO mode, for better fuel economy or the Sport+ mode for faster performance. More than performance, the interior comes equipped with a voice-activated touch screen and wireless charging options to keep you connected and on track toward your destination.

Mercedes E-Class Dealer

The E-Class is an executive level mid-sized sedan that’s a little bigger than the C-Class series. With a customizable digital dashboard and a touchscreen, you can update your vehicle information, access your music, and change the LED lighting within the vehicle to prevent fatigue. There are several automatic driving and safety features available with this series, including lane changing assist and adaptive cruise control that can help you slow down when traffic approaches or when you go around turns.


Luxury SUVs provide many of the features you’ll find in a sedan along with more storage, passenger space, safety, and comfort. These vehicles range in size and style, from sleek and compact to large and rugged. Here are some of the popular GL SUVs you might explore when shopping for a new sport utility vehicle.


The GLA is the baseline SUV that Mercedes-Benz offers, along with a basic trim or a 4MATIC® option. Often the most affordable choice, this model offers voice recognition where you can ask for directions or to find a shorter route on your drive. You might pursue these with a dual-clutch eight-speed automatic transmission or switch to the paddle-shifts for manual maneuvering.


Similar to a GLA, this compact luxury SUV has room to carry five passengers. With a boxier frame than the GLA, the GLB has a more rugged appearance than some of the other models that Mercedes-Benz offers. You might choose this vehicle if you’re looking for more power, as its engine puts out about 20 more horsepower than the GLA.


Similar to the GLA, the GLC is a mid-size luxury Mercedes that has a sleek, rounded exterior. This vehicle is great for storing large or bulky items, as it has several storage options behind and under the seats. With a multi-link suspension, you’ll rarely feel any turns or bumps whether you’re exiting the highway or exploring rocky terrain.


The GLE is a larger sized SUV that provides a third-row option to fit seven passengers. Seats in the second row also have control options to maximize comfort for all passengers. Newer models of this SUV offer a 255 horsepower turbo engine that has a hybrid Integrated Starter-Generator, providing additional electric horsepower.


The GLS is the biggest model of the GL series and offers 550 horsepower and 538 lb-ft of torque. With a unique design, this model is highly recognizable by its grill blades. You can also interact with both the cockpit and the navigation screen to adjust your configurations, music settings, and navigation on every ride.

New Mercedes-Benz AMG® Vehicles For Sale

Mercedes offers the AMG® lineup, which includes the high-performance versions of several models that have configurations to make them even more powerful. You’ll find turbocharged four-, six-, and -eight-cylinder engines depending on the vehicle you choose. You can select the AMG® version of several existing models, including the S-Class Sedan, the GT, and the GLS. Mercedes-Benz AMG® One is a limited edition luxury hybrid sports car with a sleek design that boasts over 1,000 horsepower.


The EQS Sedan is a fully electric luxury vehicle. With rear-axle steering and self-leveling air suspension, this car can handle changes in surfaces and tight turns with ease. The interior has incredible ambiance, with LED lighting on the dashboard, seats, and doors with an array of colors to choose from. A 56-inch wide-screen fills the dashboard with unique features and applications that you can interact with through touch or voice controls.

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