4 National Fun at Work Day Ideas

January 22nd, 2016 by



The best types of holidays are the unofficial ones, and believe us when we say we were excited when we heard about National Fun at Work Day!  Here at Mercedes-Benz of Temecula, we definitely aren’t strangers to having a little fun here and there to get out of the everyday work norm.  In the past, we’ve enjoyed anniversary BBQ’s, have had lunch catered by companies including In ‘N’ Out and held several cupcake and bagel parties in the break room.  Little gestures like these certainly make our work atmosphere a pleasant one and in honor of this unofficial holiday, today we’re sharing a few ideas on how your office can partake in this weeks’ fun too.  Of course we hope not all of your careers are less than exciting, but if you feel your work-life needs a boost for a few quick minutes, check out the following National Fun at Work Day ideas!




  1. Ice Cream Party: Who doesn’t like ice cream? Send a mass email to your department asking them to vote for their favorite flavor and treat everyone on the 28th with an ice cream lunch party.
  2. Themed Dress Code: Choose a theme to dress up to and choose a prize for best dressed. Some fun themes that aren’t so over the top can include best outfit in a certain color, best socks, sports jersey day, best hat, etc.
  3. Guess Who Photo Contest: Have employees submit photos from their youth, of their parents, children or pets and host a contest where everyone tries to match the pictures to the corresponding employee.
  4. Company Trivia Game: Take this idea as an opportunity refresh company standards, history, products, etc. by putting together a trivia game. Divide employees into teams and make it mandatory for everyone to answer at least one question to ensure all employees get the opportunity to participate.
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